About Us

About SingLi Resort

SingLi Mountain Resort is a beautiful resort located in the quiet mountains of San Fernando, Cebu, about an hour away from Cebu City, and 4 kilometers up from the national highway. The resort is approximately 350 meters above sea level. When you are tired of the congested traffic, smog from the vehicles, and overall stress from your work environment, nothing beats the refreshing wind breeze and the awesome view of nature. SingLi is a retreat for both body and soul, featuring three natural spring water pools, overnight housing designed by the owner himself, a friendly accommodating staff and a magnificent view of the mountains!

The owners, Arch. Arsenio and Lilia Abella, came up with the idea for a hidden paradise nestled in the mountains, while providing back to their neighboring community through the form of employment. The name SingLi was derived from combining the two names of the owners, "Sing" was taken from Arch. Arsenio's nickname which is Arsing and the "Li" was taken from the name of his late wife Lilia. Our staff are locals of the area , and are glad to assist you to maintain your means of relaxation. The sculptures, paintings, landscaping, and even architecture have been designed by architect Arsenio Abella. The buildings are named after his grandchildren, taking the first letter of their name to label the buildings. It’s been 4 years since SingLi opened to the public in San Fernando, Cebu.